Curse of Strahd

Our first Legendary Edition!

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Our first Legendary Edition
Curse of Strahd

Our newest line, the Legendary, is about boxing up past greatness, and what better way to start than with Curse of Strahd?.

So what's in a Legendary Edition? More to the point, what's in THIS Legendary Edition?

  • The entire module, broken up into smaller books to make it easier to run
  • Battle maps of the ENTIRE CASTLE. 33 maps of Castle Ravenloft in total
  • Large canvas map of Barovia by Deven Rue
  • Jewelry
  • In world handouts
  • Bonus encounters
  • Pre-built PCs
  • 60! Encounter cards
  • Custom DM Screen
  • Finger Puppets (yes, REALLY) and more!

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    Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd

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    Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: 

    • 17 Double Sided maps
      • Every inch of Ravenloft in loving, horrifying detail
    • Jewelry
    • 60 Encounter Cards
    • The Entire Module
    • Custom DM Screen
    • Bonus Encounters, PCs, and more!

    Note: This product is not participating in Black Friday shenanigans. Vampires are just like that. Don't ask why.