Silver Edition of Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

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The Silver Edition contains:

Artifacts. A massive metal soul coin.

Book. The adventure module, split into shorter, more manageable booklets.

Bonus Encounters. Four illustrated bonus encounters, written by us,  to enhance the adventure.

Bonus Art. Half-page and quarter-page artwork pulled from the book, printed onto folded sheets to hang on the included DM screen.

DM Screen. A custom Dungeon Master’s screen with art and information tailored to the campaign.

Encounter Cards. Forty (40) encounter cards including stats and artwork of monsters used in this adventure.

Area Maps. Area maps in this edition include a map of Baldur’s Gate, an in-world map of Avernus, a poster map of Elturel.

Battle Maps. Included in this edition are the following battle maps:

  1. Elfsong Tavern
  2. Vanthampur Villa and Under the Villa
  3. Graveyard Chapel
  4. Graveyard Workshop
  5. Crypt of the Hellriders
  6. Wrecked Flying Fortress
  7. The Scab

Player Handouts. Four player handouts, including:

  1. An in-world map of Avernus.
  2. An in-world research guide on devils, Hell, and the Blood War for use in Candlekeep.
  3. The Creed Resolute
  4. Infernal Rapture Menu
  5. Infernal War Machine statistics and summary of rules for using and upgrading these devilish machines

DM Aids. A whole mess of redcap taunts for the Fort Knucklebone section.

Pre-Generated Characters. Five 1st level characters tied heavily to the book, whether to b used by your players as characters or NPCs in your game.

Letter to Purchaser. A letter from us to you, detailing these contents and how to use them in your game.